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Workshop Rates

Single workshops are $2,700 each with the exception of the AntiBlackness Workshop. Workshops typically take 2 hours but can run longer depending on the dialogue that is generated within the group.

AntiBlackness Rate

This workshop takes about 2.5 hours and can be longer depending on the dialogue generated. It is recommended that it be done in 2.5 hours as there is a lot of important information that can be lost in a condensed version.


I am able to work with groups on the prices of workshops. We can have a conversation about your budget and see what is possible. This is specifically to create access to organizations who have smaller budgets and would still like to access my workshops.

Speaker Rate

I can be hired as a speaker for the keynote of your event or even as a panelist. Speaker Fees range from $2,700-$5,000.

Hourly Rate

I am available to be hired hourly as well. I can be hired for Consulting at $275 an hour. You cannot hire me for an hourly rate to present a workshop. You can, however, hire me hourly for things like brainstorming, ideation sessions, feedback on projects etc. My hourly rate is non-negotiable.

Other Ways to Hire Me

Consulting Retainer

A Consulting retainer is a fixed sum of money that is paid in full and oftentimes upfront for me to do work for a specific amount of time. This would be great for jobs with specific deliverables or me providing your organization with my expertise to guide more general operations over long periods of time. There are two types of retainer fees that I charge depending on what is needed from me for your organization.

Pay For Work

This retainer is being paid for the work that I am delivering to your organization. This would be payment for an allotted amount of time where I would be retained by your organization. This is great for jobs with specific outlined deliverables.

Pay For Access

This type of retainer is for organizations that are seeking to hire me less for deliverables and more for my insight and expertise in my field.

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