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About The High Priestess

The High Priestess Consulting Company LLC (HPCC) aims to help individuals, communities, and organizations develop their understanding of systemic, political, and social challenges through the use of interactive trainings and workshops. My goal is to leave participants armed with tools, feeling reconnected to their power and ready to combat and dismantle injustice within their communities and organizations. I do this through the creation of fun, interactive, and thought-provoking workshops that help people think critically about social issues and provide them with the tools to create or strengthen their critical feminist analysis.


Book the High Priestess Consulting Company to take one of my already created workshops, or let's work together to create workshops and training to fit your organization's needs of any size.


About Me

My name is Karlyn Bradley (They/Them) and I am a Fat, Black, Queer, Femme. I am a scholar, organizer, educator, artist, activist and consultant. I have over a decade's worth of leadership experience, facilitation skills and experience and knowledge of political bureaucracies and organizational leadership. My degrees in Political Science and Gender and Women's Studies coupled with my years of experience provide me with an unique ability to take complex theoretical concepts and make them tangible and digestible for my clients. My teachings and praxis are rooted in a Critical Black Intersectional Feminist Lens.


In 2021 I used my skill set to found The High Priestess Consulting Company LLC (HPCC), which aims to help individuals, communities and organizations develop their understandings of systemic, political and social challenges through the use of workshops and trainings. The HPCC specializes in helping people connect with their own power, just like The High Priestess in Tarot, I work to remind people of the things that we have always known intuitively and facilitate coming back to ourselves and reconnecting with that power.


When I am not doing community work I like to hang out with my friends, eat and cook a delicious meal, and watch movies. I also like to work on my Podcasts Beneath The Surface, write, draw, living my dream as an Amateur Top Model and watching Scandal. I am Southern California born currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona which is the traditional lands of the Akimel O’odham and Hohokam peoples.

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